Core & Crown Buildups

A crown build-up involves the placement of a large amount of bonded composite material in the damaged portion of the tooth to provide a foundation for a definitive restoration [like a crown]. A crown build-up may be used on either an endodontically or non-endodontically treated tooth. In the case of an endodontically treated tooth that has sustained extensive loss of tooth structure a prefabricated post may be placed in one or more of the canals to aid in the retention of the core build-up. In certain instances, the creation of a custom cast core by our dental laboratory may be required for a successful result. In the case of an endodontically treated tooth, the determination about which treatment option is appropriate will be made after the root canal is completed.

In each case, the determination will be based on which option will give the patient the best long-term result while conserving tooth structure and restoring proper form and function to the tooth. When an extensive treatment plan is formulated, and a lengthy period between endodontic treatment and definitive restoration exists, it may be necessary to remove the temporary filling and perform a crown build-up or post and core to prevent the leakage of saliva, bacteria, and food into the tooth which may cause the root canal to fail. A crown build-up or post and core is not designed or intended to function as a definitive restoration for extensive periods of time, therefore, it is very important that the crown is placed on the tooth as soon as your treatment plan allows to prevent complications [which may include cusp or root fracture.

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